Manufactured equipment

Wafer spreading machine, Sticking device, Peanut applying machine, Calibrating machine
Refrigerating tunnels for cooling of wafer books - XT138, XT220
Wafer cutters - manual, automatic
Chocolate enrober for waffles / coating machine
Refrigerating tunnel for cream covered waffles - 6 m, 8 m, 9 m, 10 m, 12 m, 20 m
Couverture machine for couverture, chocolate or filling production - 1 800 L
Chocolate ball mill (Blending machine) for couverture, chocolate or filling - 20 L (for experiments), 250 L, 500 L
Mixers of materials for creams - 100 L, 250 L, 500 L
Fat melting tank (for butter and vegetable oils) - 200 L, 250 L, 540 L, 1200 L
Collector tanks (autoclaves) for couverture and cream - 100 L, 250 L, 500 L, 1 000 L, 2 000 L, 5 000 L
Powdered sugar and cocoa grinder - 200 L
Stitter for whipping eggs and cream
Stirrer - Z type
Cooling spiral conveyor for wafer books
Dough kneading machine
Cooler for wafer sheets
Flip over device for wafer sheets
Separating device for waffles
Electrical ovens for sponge cakes and biscuits
Peanut huller / Shelling machine for peanuts
Salting and fattening device
Easy open strip device for packing machines
Turning table for packed products
Autoclave A250 for inverted sugar, creams, turkish delight
A variety of conveyors and transporting systems - screw, belt, bucket, padle and others; 90° and 180° turns
Belt conveyors with ultraviolet lamps (UV) for antibacterial treatment of the final product before packaging
Couverture filtering unit for shredded coconuts, peanuts, hazelnuts etc.
Tempering machine for chocolate